No motorcyclist gets on their bike and expects to have an accident, and there is nothing you can do to fully prepare yourself to deal with the consequences of a motor vehicle wreck. Accidents are especially dangerous for motorcyclists because they are completely exposed to other drivers. There are many popular styles of riding, but some of them can be dangerous. The best thing you can do is try to avoid motorcycle accidents to the best of your ability and stay safe on the road by following these few tips:

Always Use a Helmet

Research has repeatedly shown that helmets protect riders from suffering serious head injuries and they reduce the chances of dying in an accident. Yet, some riders prefer not to use a helmet because it doesn’t look cool, it messes up their hair, or they don’t have one. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and always wear a helmet.

Use Protective Clothing

There are a variety of ways that motorcyclists can get thrown off their bikes, such as a distracted driver rear-ending your stopped bike at a red light. In the unfortunate event that a motorcycle accident does occur, you need to be as protected as possible, and you should wear clothing that was specifically designed to protect riders from hitting the pavement. The best combination is wearing long pants, a full-face helmet, and a shirt that can withstand road friction. Reflective gear helps you stand out to other drivers on the road.

Don’t Skip Maintenance

It is a critical factor that sometimes gets overlooked, but you need to be certain that you can trust your motorcycle to perform while you are riding it. The oil needs to be changed so your engine will keep running, and you should regularly check signal lights to ensure that they still operate. Headlights, brake lights, and turn signals all help signal your intentions to other drivers and are a great way to avoid collisions. Tires are another aspect of motorcycle maintenance that keeps your bike grounded and you should be certain that there is enough tread on the tire before you drive off.

Ride Defensively

You should assume that other drivers don’t see you and use extreme caution while riding. Lane splitting is a dangerous activity, and it may save you time, but you are at a greater risk of being hit by an unsuspecting vehicle. If you do decide to split lanes, keep your speeds reasonably low so you have enough reaction time to avoid a collision.

Understand Your Limits

Knowing yourself and your ability is the greatest step towards avoiding an accident that motorcyclists can take. If something seems risky, then don’t do it. There are lots of options for intermediate and advanced motorcyclists to take classes that focus on improving a rider’s skills. Your insurance provider might even give you a discount after you complete the course! It’s something that is definitely looking into because when you ride a motorcycle, the most important thing is safety.