GBP Capital Lawsuit — Is It Legit Or A Scam To Demolish Company’s Image?

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If you have been actively following the US stock market, you must have come across the news around GBP Capital at least once. This company has been all over in the media reports lately for wrong reasons.

Its auditor resigned overnight, a former business partner sued it in the court, almost every regulatory authority agency in the US has a pending case against it, and many other things that didn’t go the way GBP Capital promoters wanted.

At present, the common investors who put their money in GBP Capital are confused and panicked due to the chaotic situation in the market. If you are also one of them, it’s important to know whether the lawsuit filed against the company is legit, or just a scam carried out to demolish its image. Let’s find out more about it.

GBP Capital Lawsuit:

Back in 2018, when many media outlets reported how screwed up the financials of GBP Capital were, the news that took the world by storm was about its auditor’s resignation. The company announced in November 2018 that its auditor, who was taking care of all the GBP Partner companies, resigned without notice. The company didn’t give a reason when asked by many journalists.

A couple of months before it happened, a former compliance officer filed a lawsuit against the company, saying that her broker sold GBP holdings securities at a time when several red flags were visible. A few months passed by before another controversy took place. In June 2019, NFS (National Finance Services) removed GBP from operating on its platform and asked all of its clients to move to another custodian firm within a short span of 90 days. All of these events reduced GBP’s valuation to less than 25% of its market capitalization a few months back.

GBP’s downfall was similar to the case of Linn Energy that faced multiple allegations from different stakeholders. All in all, it’s a clear example of how unethical market practices can take down a billion-dollar firm within a matter of a few years. So, next time when you decide to invest in a company, make sure you go through its balance sheet thoroughly before taking the final call.

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How to Handle Speeding Tickets: Legal Expert Advice

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People are always looking for ways to get out of speeding tickets and avoid the fines that come with them. The easiest way is not to speed, but if a police officer has already caught you, there may be hope for you yet!

If you want to know how to handle speeding tickets so that you don’t have to pay fines or get your license rejected, then keep reading this blog post. This article will give some insight into what an attorney can do for those who need help in court.

Your Options When It Comes To Speeding Tickets:

What are my options when it comes to speeding tickets? Well, you could admit guilt and accept the consequences. You could also hire a traffic violation attorney to help you out in court and try to get the charges dismissed or reduced, but this can be expensive and time-consuming.

That being said, many lawyers work on a contingency basis and have a fantastic track record of getting their clients from troublesome situations over and over again. You can reach out to one such lawyer and ask him to represent your case in the courtroom. Here is how he can help you.

How Does A Lawyer Help In Speeding Ticket Related Matters?

A traffic violation lawyer can help a case in the following ways:

  • A traffic violation attorney has connections with judges and prosecutors, so they will often be able to get your speeding ticket dismissed.
  • They can also negotiate for reduced fines or fewer points added to your license if you plead guilty.­

What Should I Do If I’m Charged With Speeding?

If you get charged with speeding, then the best thing to do is reach out to a traffic violation attorney as soon as possible. They can help make it so that your consequences will be minimal and manageable­-especially if they can have the charge dismissed or reduced in court.

Your lawyer like Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates will be able to help you get out of a speeding ticket-related situation and will make sure that the process is quick and easy.

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Is It Fair To Fight For Alimony During Divorce?

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People get married to bring more happiness in their lives, but if things don’t work out the way they planned, parting ways is the only solution left. Nobody thinks in this direction at the time of the marriage, but when things go south, they can plan for a future after the divorce. Alimony or maintenance can help them do it comfortably. 

Regardless of whether you are married or not, make sure you learn about it as soon as possible so that you can make the right call when and if you decide to move on. 

What Is Alimony?

These days most couples work professionally to keep their finances stable. However, in many cases where one of the partners decides to stay home to take care of the family or children, they give up their careers. Their only source of income is the one earned by the other partner. 

In such cases, when divorce happens, one partner is poorly affected, and their financial independence can go for a toss. It’s fair for them to demand a monthly or lump sump maintenance amount that will help them until they remarry or earn enough professional qualifications to get a job once again. 

Is It Fair To Ask For Alimony?

Many couples think that asking for alimony isn’t fair at all. Since divorce is a mutual decision, they shouldn’t ask for money from their partners. While it’s OK to think in this manner, you must also be practical about the fact that expenses won’t stop just because you have parted ways with your spouse. 

Given the cost of living in the US, you will need some time to rebuild your career and start generating a decent income to take care of yourself and your child. The amount received as alimony will help you get through this period without facing any troubles. Just keep in mind that there are many things one has to know when it comes to alimony. So, you should consider talking to a lawyer before taking any further steps.

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Wellness Programs for Small Businesses

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The concept of owning a business is something that excites me and stresses me out all at once. I would love to be one in charge, using my creativity to create new systems for success. I would also love the ability to train workers, mentoring people so that they could run their own business someday. At the same time, there is a lot that goes into owning a business. With every property, employee, and client that you manage, there comes a certain level of legal liability, and I don’t have the legal background to know what’s required of me every step of the way. I started looking into the ways I could operate a business without a super technical background and I found out about WorkSTEPS. They are a company that makes sure employers have an environment that meets the legal requirements for employee safety. The people at WorkSTEPS can go into just about any workspace and inspect it with the local and state safety requirements in mind. This not only helps business owners stay safe from legal consequences, but it also creates an environment that employees are happier in. Employees like to feel like their well-being is cared for, and services like WorkSTEPS show that an owner is interested in keeping their employees safe.

When I was learning about their services, I found some insightful information on wellness programs. Wellness programs are something that I had only ever seen the big firms do. They have them in order to compete against the other big firms, but they can really set you apart in a small business setting too. Recruitment is hard for a small business; most of the best talent are looking for offers from the larger companies. It turns out, a wellness program can go a long way for a potential employee. These programs mean a lot to them, and it makes recruiting easier. They also keep employees happy while at the company, and this increases retainment. A lot of small business feel like a wellness program will only hinder their profits. This, however, is not a good way of looking at things. When employees don’t feel well, they don’t perform well. When employee wellness is invested in, you’re sure to see positive returns, and quickly. Another important aspect is the different types of stress that employees at a small business face. As a small business owner, I would likely ask my employees to be flexible, take on tasks in different areas, and be willing to work both alone and with a group. Wellness programs help mitigate the stress, both mental and physical, that my employees may feel. Lastly, wellness programs give employees an opportunity to connect with one another outside of a work environment. This type of bonding is important for creating a happy workplace. When people like who they work with, they’re much more likely to show up on time and take less sick days. At this point, I’m convinced that a wellness program is well worth the cost.

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Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

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No motorcyclist gets on their bike and expects to have an accident, and there is nothing you can do to fully prepare yourself to deal with the consequences of a motor vehicle wreck. Accidents are especially dangerous for motorcyclists because they are completely exposed to other drivers. There are many popular styles of riding, but some of them can be dangerous. The best thing you can do is try to avoid motorcycle accidents to the best of your ability and stay safe on the road by following these few tips:

Always Use a Helmet

Research has repeatedly shown that helmets protect riders from suffering serious head injuries and they reduce the chances of dying in an accident. Yet, some riders prefer not to use a helmet because it doesn’t look cool, it messes up their hair, or they don’t have one. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and always wear a helmet.

Use Protective Clothing

There are a variety of ways that motorcyclists can get thrown off their bikes, such as a distracted driver rear-ending your stopped bike at a red light. In the unfortunate event that a motorcycle accident does occur, you need to be as protected as possible, and you should wear clothing that was specifically designed to protect riders from hitting the pavement. The best combination is wearing long pants, a full-face helmet, and a shirt that can withstand road friction. Reflective gear helps you stand out to other drivers on the road.

Don’t Skip Maintenance

It is a critical factor that sometimes gets overlooked, but you need to be certain that you can trust your motorcycle to perform while you are riding it. The oil needs to be changed so your engine will keep running, and you should regularly check signal lights to ensure that they still operate. Headlights, brake lights, and turn signals all help signal your intentions to other drivers and are a great way to avoid collisions. Tires are another aspect of motorcycle maintenance that keeps your bike grounded and you should be certain that there is enough tread on the tire before you drive off.

Ride Defensively

You should assume that other drivers don’t see you and use extreme caution while riding. Lane splitting is a dangerous activity, and it may save you time, but you are at a greater risk of being hit by an unsuspecting vehicle. If you do decide to split lanes, keep your speeds reasonably low so you have enough reaction time to avoid a collision.

Understand Your Limits

Knowing yourself and your ability is the greatest step towards avoiding an accident that motorcyclists can take. If something seems risky, then don’t do it. There are lots of options for intermediate and advanced motorcyclists to take classes that focus on improving a rider’s skills. Your insurance provider might even give you a discount after you complete the course! It’s something that is definitely looking into because when you ride a motorcycle, the most important thing is safety.

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