Insurance companies are in the business of making money. They will deny your claim if they can find any way to get out of paying for it. It is unfortunate but true. If you want to increase your chances of getting paid for something that has happened to you, then learn five of these important reasons why an insurer may deny a car accident claim and fix them immediately:

1) You have no collision coverage on your vehicle:

You should have a collision coverage option on your auto insurance policy. This will protect you if the other driver is at fault for an accident, and it’s their responsibility to pay for any damages that happen as a result of the crash, including those done to your car. If you don’t have this coverage, then there may not be much your insurer can do to help you get the damages paid for.

2) The person who caused the accident was not at fault:

If the person who hit you wasn’t at fault, then your insurer may not pay for damages. They have to prove that this other driver caused the accident for their claim to be valid. If they can’t prove that, then there’s a good chance your insurer will deny it altogether because you have no way of proving otherwise.

3) Your injuries were not severe enough:

If you don’t have any serious injuries, your insurer might not be willing to pay for all the damages. Insurance companies want to keep their rates low, so they may shift some of that burden onto you in one way or another if it means they will save money overall.

4) You did not call the police right away or file a suit within two years:

If you wait too long to file a claim or contact the police, then your insurer could deny it. They want these things on record as soon as possible because otherwise, they might not be able to find any way of proving that this was their responsibility.

5) The other driver does not have insurance:

If the other driver did not have car insurance, your insurer might deny a claim because they can’t find any way to pay for this accident. It’s possible that you could still file a suit against them to get those damages paid as long as it’s done before two years have passed since the incident. Connect with an excellent personal injury lawyer like SHW Law who can shed more light on how you can do it and receive compensation.